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Delaney Bishop is an award-winning producer/director whose drive to create has been influenced by his LA roots, travels, music video idols, commercial director father, and his Bishop Takes Queen partner, Isabel Reyes.

Delaney studied film as an undergrad at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He pursued a year of postgraduate studies at Pasadena Art Center, before diving into post and editorial internships, while writing and shooting his short, Death of Salvador Dali, which went on to win awards at multiple festivals around the globe. As in-house Senior Producer at mun2 television (an MTV-inspired bilingual arm of NBC), Delaney directed promos, shorts, digital content, and won over a dozen Promax and other advertising awards.

He is currently in post on the feature thriller, VOYEUR, and is in production on a feature doc about legendary music video house, Propaganda Films.


At first blush, the BTQ duo’s aura is that of rebellious teenagers in search of the next door to knock down. In fact, the two are mavericks responsible for an array of arresting content, from music videos to narrative shorts, commercials and experimental projects. At Bishop Takes Queen, you’ll find thoughtful, deeply experienced filmmakers hungry to explore new tech while aspiring to the imaginative prowess of their 90s influences.


In some ways, BTQ is the formalization of a social circle, a collective of artists that has gathered at Bishop and Reyes’ Highland Park compound over the years. It’s a tight-knit community that continues to evolve organically into an expanding network of colleagues and professionals, including friends and family as far back as elementary school.



As preparation for a career in filmmaking, Isabel Reyes studied psychology and criminal justice. Diverse interests and constant curiosity about the human condition have informed her career ever since. Straight out of college, an accounting job on Party of Five kicked off a foray into reality television that put Isabel’s interpersonal relationship skills to excellent use. She moved into the casting arena on Fear Factor and has since cast and developed, and produced dozens of recent commercials, shows, music videos and films including LA Ink and VOYEUR, a new feature.

At BTQ, Isabel functions as executive producer and, of course, as casting director. In her spare time, she is an amateur boxer for City of Angels Boxing in south Los Angeles, and professional DJ, thanks to the World Famous Beat Junkies.





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